Genuine, English handmade snooker cues and pool cues by Burroughes and Watts® are acknowledged as being among the best in the world.  Our professional snooker cues have been used and trusted over many years by some of the greatest players the world of cue sports.

Every genuine Burroughes and Watts ® handmade cue is an example of excellence in traditional, English cue makers craftsmanship.  Only the strongest, straightest-grained, specially selected lengths of mature North American ash and maple are used in the making of the shafts of our handmade cues.  This helps ensure that a Burroughes and Watts ® snooker cue will remain straight and with proper care and maintenance, will last a lifetime.  Some of the world’s finest ebony, rosewoods and other exotic hardwoods make up the butts of our hand-spliced cues.  

All our cues are finished to the highest quality.  Many hours are spent on the turning and finishing processes to give a quality of finish rarely found in other brands. Our cues are sealed, oiled, and polished by hand using only traditional beeswax-based specially formulated polish. This gives that all-important, non-stick, silky-smooth glide over the bridge hand, which is essential to the enjoyment and success of the game.  It is this attention to detail that puts our cues ahead of the rest.  

All models across the range of our cues are available in 1-piece, 2-piece or ¾ joint versions. All genuine Burroughes and Watts® cues bear our name, which is a registered trademark exclusive to us.