Burroughes and Watts was established in 1836 and is therefore one of the most established providers of snooker table maintenance.  

A snooker table is a piece of sporting equipment and there for needs regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure many years of quality play and enjoyment can be achieved.  

We offer a range of snooker table maintenance, including full range of maintenance contracts.  

 Snooker table recovering  

Depending on how many hours of play your snooker or pool table gets, periodically your tablecloth may need replacing.  

Table recovering is a job that should only be carried out by a snooker table professional, and you can be rest assured that with over 100 years of experience Burroughes and Watts has you covered.  

In most cases we able to replace the snooker tablecloth on site. One of our snooker table fitters will visit your home or club and we will be able to re-cloth the cushion, rails and bed cloth in one visit. At Burroughes and Watts we only use the finest quality.  

Snooker Table Servicing 

Our Snooker table servicing will include all the following checks:  

  • Confirming the playing surface s level and re-levelling as necessary.  
  • Making sure all the cushions and frame bolts are correctly tensioned 
  • Brushing and ironing the cloth 
  • Re-marking both the D and the Baulk line and replace any spots as needed 
  • Check and provide a full written report on the condition of all the table accessories 
  • Inspect the bed, cushion cloth and cushion rubbers then advice is any actions are needed

All these checks can be completed in a one of service or included on a service maintenance contract. Please contact us for a quotation.  


Snooker Table Accessories 

Burroughes and Watts offer a full range of snooker table and pool table accessories.  We can also provide you with all the maintenance products you might need to ensure yourself or club members can have the best play time.  

We also offer a full range of bespoke accessories made to your requirements, including replacement table parts for snooker table restorations.  

Please contact us for and enquiries.